About Us

KRB Concepts is a family-oriented organization, we focus on supporting our employees and management group with the ‘family comes first’ approach.

KRB Concepts was originally formed in October 2021. The founding partners Jason and Andrea Miller used the initials of their daughters as the name of the company. In December 2021, longtime friends, Billie Knisley and Brady Pierce were added to the family as equal partners. They had just started their own business as well and it made sense to join forces to form a strong business family as well as a personal one. In March of 2022 the family grew once again, and we added Tasha Boston as our final managing partner. With a long history in the field, she heads up sales and customer relations, she is ready to take care of each client with the utmost care and concern, just like a family. Just like our family.

KRB Concepts is a legacy, a security for the future for our families and our passion. Our clients become family too as we strive to deliver the dream of their perfect project to the highest level of satisfaction and craftsmanship. We can build a wall, we can build a kitchen, we can build a vision.

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